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america achieve new heights of prosperity on earth while demonstrating the power of a free, open society, to harness the ingenuity of his people. i have been part of that generation so inspired by the space program. 1961 was the year of my birth, the year kennedy made his announcement. one of my earliest memories of sitting on my grandfather's shoulders, waving a flag at astronauts arrived in hawaii. for me the space program has always captured and essential part of what it means to be an american. reaching for new heights, stretching beyond what previously did not seem possible. so as president, i believe that space exploration is not a luxury, it's not an afterthought in america's quest for a brighter future, it's an essential part of that quest. so today i'd like to talk about the next chapter in the story. the challenges facing our space program are different. our imperative for this program are different than in decades past. we're no longer racing against an adversariy or compete to go achieve a singular goal like reaching the moon. what was once a global competition is long since
it taken off your hands, we'll bring it to america and robert gibbs says yes. he says it's safer in the united states and anywhere else. there will be safety concerns because you have to store is it safely in the united states but robert gibbs says americans will be feeling safer if the loose nearby materials are in the united states as opposed to to places that don't have the security the white house and administration will provide. >> major, thank you. >>> as i mentioned, the united states did not include north korea and iran on the guest list for the nuclear summit. you may recall these two countries have something in common other than animosity toward the united states. both have active nuclear programs. north korea has tested successfulfully at least two atomic bombs. the united states and allies say iran has been working on nuclear weapons for years but they insist the program is simply for peaceful energy and medical purposes. jonathan hunt is live with more. how are north korea and erin racketing? >> two different reactions. north korea saying absolutely nothing, probably
. let america's number one annuity provider help you stay on course with guarantees for the if in life. get answers about annuities at >> shepard: 20 minutes until 4:00 general motors repaid $8 billion in loans from the united states and canadian government. a new poll suggests folks prefer american-made cars over those made in japan. brian wilson has the news live in d.c. >> for the first time in a long time americans believe american car companies make better cars than do asian car companies. i'll show you. this from an app poll. 38% of those polled in early march said american companies made better cars, 33% believed asians made the best but that was a change from the past. 2006, back then 29% of those polled believed american consider companies made the best cars and a whopping 46% believed the asian car companies made better cars. surprisingly this poll goes a lot of areas and shows that toyota's reputation has taken a big hit. premature rust, suvs that roll over, 8 million car recalled. a quarter of those polled believed toyota was the maker of the best car on the ma
europe, london and new york. the commissioner said if america doesn'tgram grapple with the debt problem, it won't turn into greece but will have similar problems. the first day the u.s. debt commission meets across the water, greece sees its bond rating reduced to junk bond status and those weigh heavily on the minds of the commissioners who have to decide what to recommend and congress has to decide what to do. >> major garrett at the white house, thank you. >>> new developments in the hot senate race in florida. the frontrunner, marco rubio, takes another step in his campaign. the governor, charles crist, makes a big announcement. carl cameron with the facts in a live report coming up. there were dead spots everywhere. this is the right stuff. ortho weed b gon max. it kills weeds down to the root. even the tough ones like dandelion and crabgrass. but unlike that other stuff, it won't kill the grass. ortho guarantees it. kill the weeds, not the lawn. weeds, not lawn. got it? yea. ortho weed b gon max. defend what's yours. carl cameron is live in the south florida newsrooms. i'm told th
're hoping for a trial but the trail of death fueled by america's hunger for illegal narcotics. it's largely america's fault and at least 30 people who live south of the border running to the united states asking for asylum to save their lives. we're told the drug cartels threatened to kill children. the latest battle is in a small town, near hancock texas. drug cartels are battling for control of the town but caught in the crossfire, regular folks. jonathan hunt with the details. sounds like people in this town are scared. >> forth of hancock they're terrified. a lot of people from the violence wracked mexican town across the border are coming to the fort hancock. they're worried the violence is going to follow them. there have been strange incidents such as school busses followed by strange vehicles. three unknown men walking into a high school give gym during a basketball game. a lot of people, including the law enforcement, believes it's a message that the violence is coming. >> this isn't limited to texas. >> absolutely not. arizona, california,al that border including new mexico where
to the attacks of 9/11. the fort hood attack and failed christmas day airline bombing and he was born in america. now a lawmaker wants to strip that man, anwar al awlaki, i got it right during the last segment. over the break, they want to strip him of his citizenship but the department of state reports this would have little effect. as he's probably on a no-fly list and faces harsher penalties. cathrine herridge is following this. >> the congressman saying the american clerk al awlaki has taken up arms by aligning himself with al qaeda and should pay the consequences. >> the law is clear. if you take up arms against this country, as part of a foreign nation, your citizenship will be relinquished. the question is under mr. al awlaki, the fact he's part of al qaeda, closely aligned with the tall basketball are -- taliban, we can make a case. >> the congressman says it would be easy for the u.s. government to justify holding him as an enemy combatant. if he was picked up as an american, he would be read his rights immediately. >> shepard: the state department has a legal authority to do that, righ
in america but globally of nuclear weapons. take a quick listen. >> president and his advisors wanted to be out front talking about how they see nuclear weapons in a serious, professional way that doesn't suggest any kind of starry-eyed idealism about the early abolition of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: of course that is a long-term goal of president obama, eliminate nuclear weapons entirely. he did not believe the u.s. would have credibility on that effort, beginning or completing it, if it didn't make a treaty with the russians and didn't do things differently as far as the unique nuclear weapons. >> the nuclear postural review, the president says if you don't have nukes and don't try to get nukes, we won't nuke you. also, the converse of that is correct the opposite is that if all of a sudden because say iran gets a nuke and you're in the middle east and try to get one, what we're saying is we could nuke you. so this policy runs both ways and i thought it interesting and rarely reported, at the end it says if we need to change this policy, we will. this is basically trying to get p
to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ it's the bottom of the hour and fox news, like every dave our lives from here to eternity is on the job hunt. for millions of people looking for work, this week could be tough to make ends meet. a group reports more than 200,000 people could see their jobless benefits cut off. the reason? congress took spring break without passing an extension. democrats say republicans blocked the proposal to keep the benefits going. republicans say democrats rejected a definite proposal that would have paid for the extension with stimulus funds. it was a republican senator to blocked the extension. senator tom coburn. at the same time the white house is scaling back expectations for the job market. the chief economic advisor warns it will be a long time before the economy completely recovers. gerri willis and major gar
will the court look like? it's all at >>> this is america's election headquarters. the man at the center of the abortion debate during the healthcare bill is retiring. bart stupak says he's done what he was supposed to, enact healthcare reform. he's calling it quits. >> last night, early this morning, i informed democratic leaders and key supporters i would not seek reelection to congress. i will always serve the people of the first district but i have chosen not to continue to serve as congressman. >> congressman stupak made the announcement in michigan. he's been under pressure there ever since the healthcare vote. he made a name as a pro-life democrat, strongly pro-life for years and years and struck a deal with president obama to get his group of like-minded representatives to vote for the bill. in exchange the president signed and executive order that maintains a ban on using federal money for abortion. some were angry with congressman stupak for getting the order in the first place. others were upset because it wasn't strong enough. the congressman has been taking hea
to america. there's no frees or moratorium. >> shepard: is this story headlines in the paper? is it -- describe if there's a russian sentiment toward this. >> it's gotten a fair amount of attention certainly. the reaction of the russian people was no different from the reaction. americans, we were equally shocked and outraged something like this could have been done to this little boy, sent back like a piece of returned merchandise. we all reacted in pretty much the same way. it's getting pretty much the same kind of coverage and i think it's getting quite thoughtful coverage. people -- this brings to their attention the polite plight of this child. >> there's a danger in all circumstances, not this one in particular but in general, of overregulating due to isolated extreme cases. that said, is it your sense and the sense of those involved with these adoptions that there should be something in writing that says, if you take this child, much like when you adopt a pet, when you adopt a pet, you can't take it back. should there be regulation written down? >> well we're going to
? >> not particularly go bob o'brian from barron' good to see you. >>> america's top defense leaders, top two, with new comment on plans to curb iran's nuclear program. one says every option is on the table but how likely is the military option and how poorly might that go? if you say israeli can just ... no, it can't. that's next. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flarate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh-ing. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. but women have made olay regenerist #1. though not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 serum, night cream, and moisturizer. not drastic. just fantastic. get younger-looking skin with regenerist. ♪ >> shepard: let's get to the nuclear standoff with iran which has taken a tu
here in america. >> the secretary of the interior there announcing the government's controversial plan to build more than 100 wind turbines off the coast of massachusetts. after years of debate, the turbines, 400 feet tall, will be installed within eyesight of cape cod. these are similar. this is the mother of all not in my backyard battles. critics say it could harm the tourist industry but they say it's about energy independence and job creation. how soon until the turbines are built? >> after nine years of legal, financial, political wrangling cape wind will start construction by the end of the year and operating the turbines by the end of 2012. there are auto few more caveats the government put on the project, ken salazar saying the project would be made smaller, returfed from 170 proposed turbines to 130. surveys need to be done to make sure archeological findings are protected and to move slowly. thus far approval. this could impact offshore wind industry across america. salazar saying we could expect similar projects on the atlantic coast. >> shepard: politically this did not di
. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ ah! silver one. that's not a volkswagen. ♪ [ tires screech ] ♪ [ sighs ] ♪ that's two for doubting. [ chuckles ] you hit like my sister. really? i'd like to meet her. [ male announcer ] the volkswagen cc. award-winning design starting under $28,000. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. >> shepard: it is 3:30 on the east coast and breaking news on fox news channel a new development in our top story. that midair security scare in a denver bound flight we gave you new information about the guy to caused the situation. here he is gun smiling man from qatar. muhammad al madadi was going to visit a jailed al qaeda agent. let me say a again. he was travel to go denver for a visit with a jailed al qaeda agent. it's not clear who the agent is or what the meeting was about. the transportation security administration officials say al
and it shows up on the iphone. mine has the ap and bae bank of america. by waiting, they've been able to get the best technology into it. i was skeptical because i am of new apps and i plugged it in and it's the best running one i can find, with no bias. >>> closing arguments in the case of the university of tennessee student charged with hacking sarah palin's email. we'll get to that next. @=h continuing coverage of our top story, emergency teams touring the damage zone from the tornadoes in mississippi in an attempt to figure out if the state will get federal cleanup money. mississippi put nearly 80 national guard on duty and sent 40 highway patrol troopers. through the day we've seen pictures like this. the twister ripping the walls out of a home in weir. the woman inside hid in the bathtub until the tornado pulled her up. she had only minor injuries and in the same area, well-known -- the houston astros pitcher using heavy machinery to clear his parent's backyard. the governor. haley barbour is with us. i'm so sorry. tell us how it is there. >> we've made a lot of progress, shep. first
. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ >> shepard: half past the hour, topping the in addition, flying flew a cloud of volcanic ash can turn a plane into a flying ashtray according to crew members who experienced it and a copilot who has been at the controls during a ash storm joins us in a second. experts report 100 planes ran into these clouds. there have been no fatal incidents. one of those planes a british airways fight carrying 360 passengers in the summer of 1982, a cloud from a volcano in indonesia. smoke filled the cabin and all four engines stopped and the jet dropped 25,000 feet. roger grieves was the copilot and the man on the far left of the screen, he's on the phone to talk about it. roger, good to talk to you, thank you. >> hello there. my hundred hundred hundred doll- understanding is the ash gets into the engine of the plane, it melts because the
be targets. the paper reports america will not be the first to use a nuclear weapon. the report indicates the new policy to be published next week before a nuclear treat with the russian president dmitry medvedev. >> president obama is promising to keep pressure on iran over nuclear weapons. >> all the evidence indicates that the iranians are trying to develop the capacity to develop nuclear weapons. if they've got nuclear weapons building capacity, and they're flouting international resolutions, that creates huge destabilizing effects and will trigger an arms race in the middle east that's bad for u.s. national security and also bad for the entire world. >> >> shepard: the c.i.a. reported this week iran is expanding its nuclear infrastructure and making progress on enriching uranium. the white house reports the international community will deliver sanctions on everyone. iran says sanctions will not stop them. jonathan hunt's here in new york. will not stop them. >> really, no surprise to anybody at all. shep. iran's nuclear envoy was meeting with chinese officials. he emerged to say sanc
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-- mehlman. frank cher y founder and correcter of america's voice. thank you for being here. ira, let me begin with you, the newly proposed arizona law will criminalize that which is already a crime under federal law, failure to complete or carry the documents. if the state law it mimicking it, isn't it constitutional? >> that's right. the president was talking about responsibility here. he's dropped the ball. he's not acting responsibly, he's not protecting the interests of people in arizona. he's not securing the interest of the united states. what as said is if washington isn't going to do it we're going to because it affecting the lives of people in arizona, costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year and threatening the physical security of people there. a perfect example was the murder of robert cents a few weeks ago. arizona has to do something, it's their responsibility to do something to protect the interest of the people in the state. >> frank, let me get your take on the constitutionality of this. if it criminalized that which is a federal crime, what is wrong with it? >>
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)